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A speciality from Ticino, the Italian canton of Switzerland. There is hardly a restaurant in Ticino that does not serve homemade risotto. This dish had no difficulty in securing a place on the tables and to evolve in numerous variations, blending with the local products and tastes. What’s more you will struggle to find a Ticinise who cannot philosophize for hours about the best type of rice, the ideal white wine and the prompt cooking time. The people of Ticino are particularly proud that Switzerland’s only native rice is grown in the Terreni alla Maggia.

mushroom risotto


Rice for risotto (arborio)
Fresh sliced mushrooms mix (I bought mine from Whole Foods)
2 garlic cloves
2 tbsp finely chopped parsley
White wine
Vegetable broth (if possible, organic)
1 shallot
unsalted butter/olive oil


  • Wash quickly the mushrooms under cold water. Cut stem if necessary.
  • Heat butter in a pan. Add the garlic and stir. Then, add the mushrooms and heat them until they lose their water. (important: do not add salt at this step !!).
  • When the water of the mushrooms has evaporated you can season with salt and pepper. Take off the garlic. Add the parsley and keep aside the mushrooms.
  • Start the risotto by following thoroughly those steps:
  1. Heat butter with olive oil in your pan. Add the chopped shallot and stir 2-3 minutes. Add the risotto (do not previously rinse the risotto!). Medium heat. Stir regularly until translucent. The rice must not be brown!
  2. Add the white wine and stir regularly until completely evaporated.
  3. Add a ladle of broth in the pan. Stir regularly until absorbed. Then add again a ladle of broth and repeat the operation until the rice softens. Add the mushrooms (about 5 minutes before you feel your rice is done)
  4.  Tip: The rice must be still al dente. Feel free to taste to be sure. (total of the process : about 25-30 minutes)
  5. Garnish with grated Paremesan or Emmental and your mushroom risotto is ready to be served (with a green salad and diced radishes) !