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The French may have the chocolate mousse, the Swiss compete with the Toblerone mousse! Toblerone can be found easily in large grocery stores across the US. Some may be afraid to eat raw eggs but this is the basis of the recipe and the composant of its texture. As far as I know, no one around me got sick. Fresh eggs is of course mandatory. Theodor Tobler andEmil Baumann (responsible of the factory and cousin of T. Tobler) invent a unique chocolate specialty: TOBLERONE! With its secret recipe, its triangle shape and it recognizable logo, TOBLERONE became the ultimate Swiss chocolate. «TOBLERONE » the word, is composed with the two words «Tobler» (the name of the family who invented the recipe) and«Torrone» that design honey and almonds nougat in Italian.

Ingredients (this is for 2-3 persons) Double the ration if you are more gourmands!

2 bars of toblerone (2x 50 g)
1 cage-free egg (very fresh, if possible from a local farmer)
1 tbsp confectioners sugal
3/4 cup heavy cream
1 tbsp cacao


  1. Break the chocolate in little pieces in a bowl. Add 1/4 cup of boiling water to melt the chocolat, stir with a spoon to help. If not properly melted, you can place the (microwavable) bowl 10 seconds in microwave and stir again.
  2. Split the yolk and white from the egg. Add the yolk + the confectioner sugar to the chocolate and stir. Using the mixer, whisk egg white until stiff peaks form.
  3. Fold thoroughly the white into the chocolate preparation.
  4. Whisp the cream until soft peaks form and gently add to the preparation
  5. Immediately place the bowl in the refrigerator. and allow 3 hours to transform in mousse.
  6. Serve using a spoon and try to shape it as a little elegant balls. You can garnish with sprig of mint / grilled sliced almonds. This mousse tastes delicious with a fruit coulis.