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DSC_0259Following an 18-years carreer in real estate, I recently moved from the French part of Switzerland (canton of Valais) to the East Coast of the USA. Since the earliest stages of my life, food has played an important role and I discovered that the American approach to food has, in many aspects, little in common with the Swiss one.

Even though I find North American cuisine to be full of diversity and flavor, I still missed many of the traditional dishes enjoyed in Switzerland, and so began my journey to recreate my favorite recipes from my host country. I also wanted to share this facet of my country with the people I meet and, more widely, with English readers through the world wide web. Moreover I found out there is very little English language content covering the topic of Swiss cuisine. And so, the idea to set up my own blog was born!

My aim is to share Swiss recipes using quick and easy cooking techniques and using ingredients that you can buy in your local stores. My first challenge was to find an accurate conversion table for the different units of measurement. The second aim, and definitely the most challenging, would involve my English skills. I promise to do my best to respect Shakespeare’s language! Everybody has to start somewhere. Last but not least remained the question of how to get the right ingredients locally. I tried to solve this by either getting a good substitute, or by making the recipe from scratch. At times this can be challenging, and if you have any good ideas or discoveries, I would love to hear your suggestions.

If you would like to know more about my country, have a look at this page.

I would love to hear from you and welcome any comments on my posts and recipes. That way I can be encouraged to continue. Please, feel free to comment on my posts or write to me at superal@gmx.fr or thanks to the form below. If you like my recipes and posts, you are welcome to share it or add the url to your favorites. If you really-really like this blog, please subscribe and get automatically notified when a new article is published.

I hope you enjoy my Swiss food perspective and I look forward to hear from you soon!


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