Links related to Swiss cooking

The point with Swiss food is that most of the Internet content is either in French or German, sometimes in Italian. The aim of my blog is to make discover our cuisine heritage to English speakers. Let me know if you are looking for something specific and I will do my best to post about it. However, here are a few links I may recommend :

My personal book selection
Discover the books about Switzerland I like. If you buy them thru the link Amazon will pay me a small commission and this help me to maintain my blog. thank you.

Betty Bossi
The main reference and library of Swiss recipes, traditional and modern techniques. Betty Boss is “the” institution in Switzerland when it comes to food-making and is famous for books publishing and cooking classes. French and German.

Swiss culinary data base
A data base about Swiss culinary heritage.
French, German, Italian and Rumantsch.

Fromage Suisse
The official website for the promotion of cheese from Switzerland. Discover the various types of cheese produced across the country and where they come from.

The website of the Swiss Tourism Organization. Highly recommended if you plan to travel to Switzerland.

Radio Swiss Jazz
My musical companion when busy cooking and during romantic dinner. no advertisement.